Friday, February 25, 2011

Machine embroidery on paper

Ok after a few trials I have accomplished using my machine embroidery on paper. It still needs a few tweaks, I will show you the same design on paper then on cloth. I am hoping to get better pics soon as I took these on my cell but at least here is an idea of what I have done so far.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just for you Julie I do not have the rest complete but I figured I would give you a peep of one of the penguins on the baby bag/ baby book I am working on. I cut this with my cricut using make the cut.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

clean glue from mat

I stumbled upon something today that cleans the glue off our mats amazingly, and I did this by an accident. I spilled baby oil on my table and it was only on my mat briefly well it took the glue right off with such ease thought I would share with everyone that this works. I still have not figured out why but hey it worked so I will use it again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tip From Tear Bear aka sooky lala

How many of us are annoyed with the new scotch quick dry glue bottles, they just let out to much glue, well T was kind enough to let me know that we do not need to put this in new bottles, the old cap will fit the new bottles. and like she said TADA problem fixed. Enjoy.

Substitutes for materials

Over time I have found several substitutes for materials we can use in scrapping, there are tons out there and I most likely do not know them all or will I ever know them all. I found some of these just because I was interested in a possible alternative but some I found out of frantically looking for a substitute when I was in the middle of a project and found that I was out of a material I thought I had, or I would run short and really wanted to complete the project then. I will post the recipes and links of where I found them along with several other tips I have found. I hope you all enjoy them, many of these works even better than the originals. ( I will list supplies needed under each link so that even though you have the link you can have a list of materials. I also suggest purchasing cheap bowls with lids so that you can keep the products for future use. I use the glad ones they work great. I also purchased a few watercolor paint palettes.

Versamark and Pigment Inks.

A Plastic Spoon

Plastic tub for mixing colors as desired

Artist’s Gouache (Thick Opaque Watercolors)

Vegetable Glycerin (I buy mine at walmart find it either in the spice aisle or with the wilton products)

Rubbing Alcohol

Restick your mats

There are several methods for this the first will be my favorite but I will list them all at least all that I have found so far so that you can use what you have on hand if need be.

First you must check if your mat is really needing to be resurfaced to make it sticky or if it just needs to be cleaned try using a small and I mean small amount of dish soap and water to clean your mat, If it is to dirty I also use my scraper from my cricut tool kit to help get the excess dust and paper off of my mat. If it is that you need to restick your mat try the methods below.

Method #1

Materials needed

Aleenes tack it over and over


Sponge brush

Plastic container with lid

Masking or painter tape if desired

Something to remove the previous glue ( I like either goo gone or elmers glue remover)

Cleaned cricut mat

Use Mix the tack t over and water in a 50/50 mixture then paint on, it does not call to tape the sides before painting on but I do to keep my edges clean. Let dry and it says to use your hands to condition the mat this is an important step or your paper will stick to much, this however is the cheapest and best method I have found so far.

Method #2

Zig 2 way glue (large tip)

Cleaned and deglued cricut mat see above

Take your zig glue stuck and paint it on your mat allow the glue to dry and you are done.

Method #3

Stick away

Stick and Spray

Both sold at


Paper towels

Painters tape

Srape mat to get it clean then use the stick away, let sit for 30 seconds, scrape the glue off it should slide off, wipe with paper towels make sure all glue is off spray again if needed, tape down the mat, spray with stick and spray, (well ventilated area) do even strokes cover the mat with the stick and spray. Let dry and remove the tape.

Cricut mat care

this woman has a few nice ideas how to keep the mat cared for.

Homemade Baby Wipes

Many of us use baby wipes to keep our mats clean I have always used homemade wipes because they are most cost effective below is the recipe I have used forever and I love it, if you need containers ask around there is always someone who has a baby who would be willing to give away their own baby wipes containers when they are empty. They work great and can be used for a long time, and look at it this way you are keeping one plastic item out of the dump. (also baby food containers work great for storage and you can usually get them for free also)

Homemade Baby Wipes

4 cups boiling water
4 TBS Johnson’s baby bath soap
4 TBS Johnson’s baby lotion
1 roll Bounty Paper Towels (cut in half)
2 airtight containers to fit paper towels


  • Mix together the liquids then pour half (approximately 2 cups) into each container. Place paper towel rolls in the liquid and seal containers. Wait 5 minutes then flip the containers over to evenly distribute the solution on the paper towels. Make sure to use containers that are airtight and can hold boiling hot water.
  • Remove the cardboard tubes from the center of the rolls, and then use the wipes by pulling the towel from the center.

Baby soap and lotion can be changed to whichever brand you prefer.

My tip for this one is I use the dollar general brand baby products they work the same, I do use bounty paper towels and once cut in half, I fold them instead of leaving them in the roll, I found that if you leave them rolled up they tend to bunch up on each other sometimes making it hard to remove them from the container.

Quick way to clean small unused pieces off your cricut mat

Tim Holtz ruler

Homemade Glimmer Mist Spray

Empty spray bottles





Please see video for explaination

I have used this several times and it works great.

Perfect Pearls and glimmer mist

Another great video to make your own glimmer mist this one using perfect pearls

Homemade shimmers paint

Homemade twinkling h2os

Homemade bling /embellishment ideas

after kathys own heart these are made with hot glue

Make your own stickles

part 2

Make your own dew drops or skittles

Homemade glue dots

these work amazing

Homemade pop dots

Homemade colored diamond dust

Tweezer substitute for crimping flowers

Homemade stamp cleaner

How to reink your markers

Homemade blender pen and refill blender pen

For 1 ounce bottle fill dropper bottle--1/4 teaspoon alcohol1/3 Glycerine of bottle (1oz botttle)fill the remainder with Distilled water

Faux Copic Markers

Here are just a few of what I have I am sure I missed a lot and will add the supply lists of what I missed later on as I got lazy and tired of typing. I hope these help you all some.